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BC Title Company is a company that specializes in Mexico’s Real Estate transactions providing Integrated, specialized and professional Closing Services. We offer our clients the certainty of hitch-free timely closings, avoiding surprises and making sure everything happens on-time and within budget. We provide professional title services for residential and commercial real estate transactions through our company located in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

BC Title Company offers a well-structured experience in each one of our closings, regardless of how simple or complicated the transaction, from title search to fiduciary structures our experience provides our clients with diligent and efficient services to prepare and close real estate transactions in an efficient and cohesive manner with a level of service that is unparalleled in Mexico. Whether you are a buyer, seller, mortgage lender or developer BC Title Company is your best option.

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About Us

BC Title Company specializes in integrated closing services designed to simplify the closing process for you. We know that closing real estate transactions in Mexico have a reputation for being a stressful process with surprises along the way at BC Title Company we are committed to assist you and ensure a seamless, worry-free process that is backed by our proven expertise and perfectly orchestrated teamwork incorporating frequent communication with our clients, transparent account management and unparalleled honesty into every facet of every service we offer to make the closing process as smooth as possible.

Experience has shown us that the best real estate closings begin with good information. By using BC Title Company you will receive professional fully bilingual service with clear communication from the first contact, so you can follow your transaction knowing exactly where you stand throughout the closing process.

BC Title Company Services are specially designed to protect your interests and investment, we act as your Closing Agent and our supervision ensures your process occurs in a seamless and timely fashion.

The staff at BC Title Company is committed to providing our clients with exceptional Client Service including timely and informative follow-up to guarantee that we will exceed your expectations and will make your real estate dream come true.

Working with BC Title Company you will experience professionalism, knowledge, flexibility, dynamic transactions, timely closing and accurate disbursements. You will be able to relax knowing that you are working with specialized staff knowledgeable in the details of legal real estate closing services in Mexico. At BC Title Company we are ready to assist you and ensure a successful transaction.

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Our Story

BC Title Company was founded in 2007 and since then it has been specialized in providing integrated closing services. Our trajectory has taken us through a learning curve that has prepared us to tackle even the toughest, most convoluted, closing scenario.  Time has proven that no transaction is too difficult for us, we have been able to successfully close that seemed unsolvable, our experience includes successfully obtaining title for properties where there seemed to be no clear previous ownership to support the legality of the sale, properties that were ”owned” for years with no title having been issued at the time of purchase and even transactions that had been at an impasse for years with several titling companies defaulting before BC Title Company was able to resolve the transaction successfully.

At BC Title Company we have helped buyers, lenders, agents, brokers and developers close transactions that seemed impossible and we have done it on time and within budget. We have even surprised our clients by ending up with a positive balance on their accounts and issuing a check for that amount. We keep such exact records in every transaction’s legalities and costs that you can expect to get not only your title but also the ‘change’ from the money you deposit for expenses.

We pride ourselves in being a company that turns purchasers into owners in an efficient, hassle-free manner. Our company is built on a philosophy of integrity with a focus on transparent and quality services. Working with us you can relax while we ensure a professional closing where all you have to do is show up to sign.

Our Founders

Lic. Juan Hernández Valdés, CEO of BC Title Company, is a bilingual (English-Spanish) attorney at law with more than 23 years of experience in legal consulting, contracts, negotiations and closing transactions.

Mr. Hernandez has been trained in research techniques, civil law, notary and registry procedures, and trained in teaching and group learning techniques, quality, client services, and human resources administration, including organization, planning and training.

When moving to Cabo in 2005, he specialized in Real Estate Transactions, working with a philosophy of providing integral solutions to customers, so no matter how easy or difficult the transaction might be, sooner or later, the close would be successful.

Lic. Rafael Arredondo is an attorney at Law graduated from the Iberoamericana University in León, Guanajuato in 2001. Mr. Arredondo has 17 years of experience in all kinds of trusts (Fideicomisos) and corporate law. In 2007, he moves to Los Cabos to open the trust office of a Mexican bank, since then, he has been specializing in trusts procedures, legal closing process, real estate, customer service & public relations. Also, he has a lot of experience in notary and registry procedures.

He has excellent communication skills, legal experience on real estate transactions, collaborating in BC Title Company as public relation representative, trust expert and closing officer.

They founded BC Title Company in 2015 after recruiting an efficient in-house team and building a network of vendors and service providers that have been working together since to provide his clients with a complete service that guarantees successful completion of their real estate transactions.

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