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Closing Services

Our closing services guarantee that all the paperwork required to complete the signing of the deed before a Public Notary is done properly. Mexican law establishes that real estate transactions require 2 companies to handle the closing process: The Escrow Company & The Closing Company.

The Closing Company is responsible for coordinating the Closing Process and administrating the Closing Cost for the transaction. BC Title Company offers this service, which includes preparing all the paperwork in order to sign the transfer of property before a Public Notary; the only authorized entity in Mexico to produce Property Titles on the established closing date.

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Attorney Review

It is an initial procedure where our legal department performs a formal review of the provided documentation in order to verify the current legal status of this property. The report states the property is free of liens, mortgages, attachments, reservations and fiscal debts and it is currently in the payment of property taxes, homeowner association dues as well as any other fees assessed against it. What Attorney Review does is to verify the legal condition for the Current Title looking for possible contingencies or issues in this transaction to be solved or disclosed. The purpose of this service is to avoid unexpected situations during the closing that can affect the process, causing delays or last-minute contingencies to be solved.

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Legal Consulting

Our team includes Attorneys at Law. With their experience and capacity we can provide you legal consultation; in this service we will make a personalized review of your specific situation, giving you a professional opinion about what is the property status or what is the best way to resolve your situation or concern.

You can ask for professional advice when buying or selling real estate, when you are an owner but have a situation or concern, or when you simply want to resolve your doubts. Our professional advice will give you a clear picture of the situation and if necessary will describe the process to follow in order to resolve your situation or concern.

We offer you integrated solutions including research, contract design, negotiation, legal consulting, and other related services.

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Title Search

When you choose BC Title Company to conduct your title search we guarantee our professionals will conduct a thorough physical search at the public registry to verify the status of the property’s title. The title is the most important document when it comes to real estate transactions since it represents the ownership of the property, and when you have a clean and legal title, you know that your investment is protected and guaranteed.

Title search is a critical element in the event of a purchase, sale, financing or investment related to a property and a requirement when buying Title Insurance Policy.  All BC Title Company’s title searches generate a title search report which includes: legal description, location, current title characteristics, chain of title, title encumbrances, and the compliance requirements in order to obtain a title insurance policy for the property.

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Other Services

BC Title Company works alongside third party professional service providers to offer an ample spectrum of services. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Escrow Service.
  • Title Insurance.
  • Translation of Documents.
  • Establishing Mexican Corporations.
  • Personal Wills.

If you have a specific requirement or concern about your real estate transaction in Los Cabos, Baja or Mexico, please contact us and we will offer you a one-stop solution to help you close your transaction in an efficient, stress-free manner.

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